WorkWhile raises $3.5M to bring more flexibility and benefits to hourly work


While there’s been plenty of recent debate around the gig economy, Jarah Euston argued that it’s time to a rethink a bigger part of the workforce — hourly workers. Euston, who was previously an executive at mobile advertising startup Flurry and a co-founder at data operations startup Nexla, told me that although 80 million Americans … Read more

Bumble reportedly filed confidentially for an IPO


Today Bumble, a popular dating-focused startup, was reported by Bloomberg to have filed IPO documents, albeit privately. The news that Bumble is pursuing an IPO is not a surprise. TechCrunch covered the story in September, noting the huge revenues that its rival Tinder has managed to accrete, possibly indicative of a sufficiently large market to … Read more

Peter Beck on Rocket Lab’s expanding orbit


Just a few years ago it seemed like Rocket Lab was going to be an up-and-comer in the launch world, and so they are today — in addition to going reusable, creating a low-cost satellite platform, and planning a mission to Venus. CEO and Founder Peter Beck, speaking at TC Sessions: Space, talked about how … Read more

Tips for applying an intersectional framework to AI development


Kendra Gaunt Contributor Kendra Gaunt (she/her or they/them pronouns) is a data and AI product owner at The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth. A 2019 Google AI Impact Grantee, the organization is implementing new AI applications to scale its impact and save more young LGBTQ lives. … Read more

Lt. Gen. John Thompson explains how startups can interact with the Space Force


Space Force’s Lt. Gen. John Thompson spoke at TechCrunch Session: Space earlier this week. Throughout the wide-ranging interview, General Thompson explained the various ways and means for private companies like startups should interact with Space Force. Thompson knows what he’s talking about. As the Commander of the Space and Missiles Systems Center, he oversees research, … Read more