Samsun Captivate Has Strong Potential

Samsun Captivate Has Strong Potential

Does AT&T have a “thing” against Android phones? For the record: Samsun Captivate will be one of the most AT&T’s prized possessions and we are expecting it to be slightly edgy over the iPhone 4, due to the Android OS factor. But AT&T just cripple the Captivate in a dew ways, that are going to set those fans blazing in fury;

Captivate resembles the Samsung Galaxy series, slightly in terms of features and looks. And on top of that, we have Samsung’s TouchWiz Add-ons in Captivate, which make it a super cool phone. However, some schmucks at AT&T just blocked the phone from installing applications from anywhere, EXFEPT for the Android market.

This is what one guy had to say, at a random Blog;

“AT&T’s built-in software is also more redundant and more irritating than other carrier’s builds. AT&T has an obsession with installing multiple mapping systems. Its Mobile Video streaming client works via a WAP page; it’s one of the ugliest interfaces I’ve ever seen. AT&T Music is clumsy, and Mobile Banking doesn’t work for most people. At least there’s MobiTV, a reliable streaming TV app. But here’s a sound bite for you: AT&T’s apps make Verizon’s apps look like Apple’s apps.”

Without a doubt, the Captivate does have strong potential to give Apple a hard time. But AT&T is just so much committed to the iPhone that you never get to see AT&T giving any good reasons for having an Android phone. In case of Verizon or Sprint, you are given enough reasons to go for an Android powered device; what happened to the sense of fair competition? Does anyone at AT&T have an answer to it?

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