New Microsoft Phones For Young People Designed

Microsoft recently announced its new cellphones (release date – TBA), Kin One and Kin Two. Recently in San Francisco, Robert J. Bach (President of Microsoft’s entertainment and multimedia division), shed some light on both cellphones. According to him, these cellphones are targeted towards teenage and mid age users, the ones reverted towards social networking, gaming, photography and flashy applications.

You can keep your Kins closely synched to;

* Facebook
* Twitter
* Orkut
* MySpace
* Flickr
* Photobucket
* Picasa
* Friendster

Other than that, there is the Zune music service for users and the start menu opens up nicely with a montage of friendly photographs. The Kins also have the touch screen ability (which I forgot to mention before) and Microsoft has adopted an aggressive approach in seizing the right market for these cellphones.

Some of the general features of the Kin One and Kin Two are;

* Kin One
* Shape and size = Square
* Easily fits in the palm
* Sliding keyboard at the bottom
* Kin Two
* Everything same EXCEPT for the rectangular shape
* And an 8-Megapixel camera

For now, there is no specific price tag for the Kins. They are going to be released with full system specs in May. Microsoft is expected to come up with nice and catchy applications because this company has been in on developing cellphone applications for years.

With promising features like; drag and drop photos and files at the bottom of the screen – and send them to anyone within seconds, the Kins are really going to attract a huge number of buyers. We also have Research In Motion (Blackberry Developers), Verizon and Vodafone – all working for the promotion of these cellphones. Let’s see what exactly is Microsoft going to unleash in May…


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