New gifts from Samsung

According to the latest news, Samsung is ready to ship gifts for customers in the form of smart phones. By the way, the strength of the portfolio involves the quality of the company’s smart phones due to their particular popularity. The features of the smart phone impress customers.

By the way, Samsung has already shipped about 71.4 million handsets in the third quarter. In comparison with the previous year, the numbers were completely different. To be more exact, the numbers were smaller and less impressive. 7 million Galaxy S phones as well as 2 million from Samsung’s Wave series are in the list of shipments. The work performed has given particular results in the form of the company’s average selling price that of $122.

It should be noted that the networks existing in the USA, such as AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile carry these phones easily. That in its way helps to support the carriers and make the product even more popular.

In addition to this, sales in Samsung’s mobile company have been risen up to $9.22 billion. This is actually great result while talking about previous work. The numbers are much higher if compared with the previous year.

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