Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 14

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 14 Comes with Tweaked Features

Lenovo’s Edge Series met another little fellow recently, and this one’s known as ThinkPad Edge 14. Its an entry level notebook, with slightly tweaked features so that you can remain future proof for almost one year and then you’re gonna have to let itgo.

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 14 specs;

* OS – Windows 7 – Professional Edition @ 32-Bits
* Intel iCore3 Processor with 3MB Cache @ 2.13 GHz
* Screen Size – 14 Inch @ 1366X768 as Max Resolution
* System RAM – 2GB DDR3 (Bus Speed not mentioned)
* Starring Price (with Full configuration) = $850

The ThinkPad Edge 14 has a rubbery feeling to it, with silver plastic panels and a black matter covering on the top. The good thing is that Lenovo offers it in various colors so you can go for those sharp yellow or blue coatings or you choose to rest with a humble Silvery layout.

Lenovo designed this notebook in a convenient manner that goes fine with upgrade options. You can remove the bottom and rear panels for the installation of additional RAM or portable hard disk components. Most of the ThinkPad models come with a soldered WWAN access panel for future upgrades, but the one we reviewed, didn’t have any panels in it.

In terms of performance, the ThinkPad Edge 14 doesn’t deliver something edgy but you can still manage your work related stuff amicably. Moreover, you can squeeze the juice out of those 720p Hi def videos through ThinkPad Edge 14 because this handy device can decode High Def content easily and quickly.

But it doesn’t mean that you go on wasting your entire day, streaming online videos and watching high definition content because this tedious activity tends to drain the battery relatively quickly. Managing things through this notebook is not very difficult so I recommend it to any interested buyer who wants something convenient and feasible on a financial term.


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