How to Get Flash on iPhone Now

Did you honestly think that the recent steamy war between Apple and Adobe would keep you away from using Flash on your iPhone? Well, guess what, there’s an application for everything these days and Flash is not an exception either.

The new application – Cloud Browse is apparently a free shareware application that lets you remotely control a Firefox browser. This means that you can buffer online flash videos on your iPhone. The method is although indirect, but we can at least get a sneak peek at Flash this way.

The best part is that Steve Jobs’ claims about Flash eating too much battery can be put behind our backs once and for all. The Cloud Browser doesn’t even use that much of your iPhone’s battery and you can stream online videos for hours on end.

Here is how things work, the Cloud Browser way;

* After the installation and launching of Cloud Browser, you will see a Firefox environment on your iPhone screen. Everything is touch controlled as usual;
* You can scroll around by flicking your finger
* Tap with any of your fingers to navigate links and select text boxes
* Hold down your finger for a while and bring up a magnifying glass to enhance your visibility

So, the word is that Flash runs fine like any application is supposed to run. I hope Apple doesn’t ban Cloud Browser for some stupid reason. I know it’s all about those big Benjamins for both Apple and Adobe, but why not let users decide what’s convenient for them?


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