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Alfred L. Carson
(Staten Island, NY)

Alfred is a skilled professional that has got a certain way with words! Being a copywriter for about 7 years, he’s able to produce such copy that is rather persuasive and attention grabbing. Usually meets advertising and marketing needs.

Betty G. Barge (Edgerton, KS)

Betty is used to writing highly effective, original and marketing copy for the effective promotion and sale of tech products and services.

Shanna K. Kitson (Staten Island, NY)

Shanna has got a proper thorough understanding of the tech target audience and maintaining the perfect tone of voice while writing news.

Andrew Lepkin Belarus for

Courtney J. Archer (Nashville, TN)

Courtney has got an enormous advertising background with a proper understanding of Search Engines and Internet Marketing, which is an added benefit of hers. Distinguished command over the English language with expert writing skills as well as editing and proof reading abilities.