Apple Has Opened Its Second Store in China

Apple Has Opened Its Second Chinese Store

Apple has opened its second store in China. Such a step was made in order to catch the following rivals: Lenovo Group Ltd. and Nokia Oyj.

One could see several hundred people who lined up outside the store in the Pudong, the district of Shanghai. The store was opened at 10 a.m.

With the opening of the store Apple hopes to expand its network and at the same time reach more customers in China. It should be mentioned that the first store of Apple in China was opened in July 2008 in Beijing.

According to Zhu Chenqi, an administrative secretary, you will find that products are quite special. Firstly, customers will be caught by the look of the store and then they will be impressed by easy applications found in the store.

As a matter of fact, the store is attractive to various customers, from teenagers to grandfathers.

It turned out that over 2 million iPhones were sold on a gray market. As for the authorized Chinese carrier, it managed to sell less than 1 million units.

It would be right to say that Apple faces not good conditions in China at the moment. It is explained by the fact that the maker does not have the distribution as well as sales channels.

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