Advantages of Having HTC Evo 4G in Black

Without a shadow of doubt, HTC’s Evo 4G has managed to keep up to its rep. Normally we divide all our reviews in 3 sections. It starts off with the good aspects of any product that is under our observation; then we take the readers through its cons and finally give a verdict, based on the device’s overall performance.

However, HTC’s Evo 4G didn’t leave a lot of room for us to deduct any flaws out of it. It delivers an amazing 4G speed and you can connect up to 8 different devices simultaneously. Now, at this point, some users have complained about the 4G speeds by saying that they don’t get the “best” service on, IF they go out of the coverage area.

Secondly, there have been confirmed reports about the “poor” battery life of Evo 4G. Let me say this: “If you think 312 minutes of battery life is poor, then go ahead and feel free to build your own smartphone with a custom 4-ton truck battery”.

The HTC’s Evo 4G is so far one of the best smartphones that have been released. Sprint could never be happier from the level of feedback and breakthrough sales. From a bigger perspective, the demand for Evo 4G will only continue to grow as Sprint’s WiMax network is expected to expand in the near future.

For a price of $200, HTC’s Evo 4G stays close to being a beast. It has a rocking 4.3 inch touch screen with a mesmerizing display. Some people have even gone to the extent of passing “thumbs down” remarks on Evo 4Gs giant screen, but this “giant screen” really comes handy when someone is trying to view WebPages and frantically making attempts to type down text messages.

Sitting underneath that entire monstrosity, there is our cheeky little friend – Android OS 2.1. So far, it’s the latest version of Android but a free upgrade is right around the corner, with the release of v2.2.

From this point onwards, we can only expect things to get better for the HTC community, because a full support for Flash 10 applications is also being expected in the future. Lastly, there’s your top of the line multimedia oriented features in Evo 4G, which only make the phone something being close to perfection.

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