1.7 Million iPhone4 Handsets to Be Sold Over the Weekends

1.7 Million iPhone4 Handsets to Be Sold Over the Weekends

In the opening week of iPhone 4 launch, Apple sold an insane amount of its next gen device. Estimates say that over 1.7 million iPhone4 handsets were sold in the time period between Thursday to Saturday.

Comparing the 1.7 million figures with those of 600,000 preorder sales, Apple certainly took the edge in terms of on-the-spot sales. Steve Jobs couldn’t be more happy and he said that the iPhone4 sales have been a one-of-a-kind experience for the company. In fact, Apple never encountered such a huge number of sales in its history.

Jobs also apologized to those people who couldn’t get an iPhone 4 and his apology mostly referred to those customers who waited in the queues for hours. For a 16GB edition of the iPhone4, you’re supposed to pay $200 and the 32GB edition totals in at $300.

The black-market for iPhone4 has also been booming significantly. In Asia and 3rd world countries, each unit of iPhone 4 amounts up to $750 (16 GB) and $900 (32GB). However, people are still craving for the next gen phone despite of its towering price factor.

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